THC+CBN: A Powerful Rest Aid

THC is known for it's relaxing effects, but when paired with CBN (the "sleep" cannabinoid) the effects are much more potent. Users find THC+CBN gummies to be a powerful aid for a restfull night of sleep to wake up feeling refreshed.

VEED Labs THC:CBN gummies are 100% infused with 10mg of premium CAT-9 extracted THC from hemp and 5mg of CBN isolate.

Relax & Recharge with CBN

Slip into deep relaxation with CBN gummies. A powerful comination of THC and CBN formlated to help you charge and always wake up on the right side of the bed. Here at VEED Labs we belive in better days, and this starts with better sleep. Eat our THC:CBN gummies 30-60 minutes prior to laying down for maximum effectivness.

Understanding Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC

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Here at VEED, our passion and expertise in producing excellence in our lab, allows us to bring you the ultimate combination of delicious tasting gummies infused with powerful Delta 9 THC in just the right proportion. VEED offers a wide variety of gummies in all shapes, sizes and flavors designed for different applications with a full spectrum of cannabinoids. One of the formulas we are most proud of is our Delta 9 THC gummies that have been designed and carefully curated over many years of experience.

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