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How long does it take VEED Labs to respond to customer service requests?


During business hours (10am-5pm EST) you can expect a response from our customer service team that same day. Any customer service requests placed after 5PM EST are answered promptly the next business day.

How can I cancel my order?


To cancel your order, send us an email at with the order number and cancellation request.

How can I contact VEED Labs?


The best way to contact us is via chat or email at We'll always get back to you within a day!

How do I check the status of my order?


After an order is shipped you will recieve a notification with a tracking link. Be sure to check junk/spam and contact with any issues checking the status of your order. Use the chatbot on our site to track your order in live time as well!


When will my order ship?


We aim to ship orders within 72HRS of receiving them. This will always be the case unless the product you ordered ran out of stock. If that's the case, you will be notified via email and offered a swap for the product or alerted of when the product will become ready.

Why does my order say label created?


After you place an order on our site, a shipping label (tracking number) will automatically be created and tied to the order. You will see the status change from "Label created" to "In Transit" after UPS has picked up the package from our facility by 5pm EST Monday-Friday.

Do you offer discreet shipping?


Our standard packaging is very discreet. We do offer ULTRA discreet shipping by request only. If you would like ultra discreet shipping, please use the chat icon to inform our customer service team. Please include order number and email in the message.

We're here to help!

Have a question or problem with your order? Get in touch with support via chat or this form. You can also email us at: