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3rd Party Lab Tested

All Veed products go through 3rd party lab testing to ensure quality!

Formulated by Chemists

The Veed team is made up of former chemists from the pharmaceutical industry.

Real Cannabis Terpenes

For better taste, quality, and effectiveness.

Product Spotlight: Delta 9 Nerd Ropes

Delta 9 Nerd Ropes from Veed boast a delicious watermelon, blue raspberry, or pink lemonade gummy core that is infused with 50mg of Delta 9 and then coated in Bubble Bit candy for a crunchy and then chewy sensation! These are a must try and now available in three flavors! Shop our Delta 9 Nerd Ropes today!


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Vaporizers Blended with real cannabis terpenes

Why is this so special? Other companies use synthetic and low quality terps which lead to bad taste and burning. At Veed, we understand cannabis lovers and users, we use only the best real cannabis terps for the ultimate taste, effect, and quality. Hemp & Cannabis are our passion and commitment. One puff and you'll taste the difference!


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Candy Clusters

Our Candy Cluster gummies are made with a soft and chewy gummy coated in crunchy rainbow bubble bit candy! Each bite is a blast of flavor. Try them today!

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A Veed For Every Mood

We know what real marijuana users crave. We use only real sativa, hybrid, and indica cannabis terpenes in the making of our vaporizers for the cleanest effects possible. Choose from a range of our terpy and sweet flavors for each category today! If you're looking for a daytime vibe, we suggest our sativas; however, if you came here to sleep, then you'd be better off with one of our indicas!

MoonRocks: Shop the collection

If you're looking for a smooth, yet potent Delta 8, THC-O, or HHC moonrock preroll, then look no further. Try VEEDs 2 gram moon rock prerolls which are rolled with your cannabinoid of choice, painted in distillate, and then rolled in premium CBG kief. Experience VEED moonrocks today!


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Veed was founded in Miami, Florida by former chemists from the pharmaceutical industry on a mission to bring premium THC products to the market. Specializing in taste and effect, we aim to make a product that's ideal for you. Rest easy knowing we are licensed hemp manufacturers and operate in an FDA registered facility right here in Miami! It's always a pleasure to enjoy a positive cannabis experience, so trust in our love for the culture, the plant, and the experience.

FDA Registration: 18129554570

Hemp License: 390832