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Grandma's THC Cookies 02-22-24

25 mg THC Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our Handcrafted THC Chocolate Chip Cookies are a labor of love, handmade with the same devotion you'd find in grandma's kitchen—assuming your grandma was a 1960’s or 70’s hippie. These edibles are available in 25-count pouches, from 1-10 packs, making it easy to enjoy the benefits of Delta 9 THC cookies in your preferred quantity.

Grandma's Fudge THC Brownie 02-22-24

200 mg THC Fudge Brownie

Craving a chill ride or shooting for the stars? Our brownies come pre-scored, with a Choose Your Own Intensity' meter baked into every batch. Perfect for those who appreciate fine control over their cosmic journey, or anyone who's ever thought, 'I wish I could dial down the universe a notch.' Available in single and bunlde packs!

Vegan No-Melt Formula 11-30-23

10 mg THC Gummies

Our 10mg Delta 9 THC gummies are a perfect choice for those seeking a mild, introductory experience. These gummies are available in various packaging options, including 20-count pouches, 30-count jars, and 60-count jars. You can also find them in several of our popular bundle offers, making it easy to enjoy the benefits of Delta 9 THC in your preferred quantity.

Vegan No-Melt Formula 11-30-23

15 MG THC Clusters

VEED's Signature 15mg THC Gummy Clusters are a crunchy-chewy candy that offers a step up in the candy experience. Delivering a delightful fusion of crunch and flavor packing a touch more potency than our 10mg THC gummies. A must try for any THC candy lover.

Vegan No-Melt Formula 11-30-23

25 mg THC Mondos

Crafted for the experienced enthusiast, our 25mg THC Mondo Gummies are the pinnacle of single-serving potency. These are the "proceed with caution" gummies, designed to deliver a robust and intense experience. Ideal for those who appreciate the stronger side of gummy indulgence VEED Mondo gummies are only available in 15-count jars and FREE SAMPLE PACKS.

Vegan No-Melt Formula 11-30-23

50 mg thc Nerd Ropes

Our fully infused THC ropes are perfect for splitting into multiple small, satisfying pieces, making them ideal for sharing the joy or savoring it over time. THC Nerd Ropes are the perfect balance of sweet and crunchy!

Vegan No-Melt Formula 11-30-23

10 mg thc + 15 mg CBD gummies

The perfect balance of relaxation and tranquility in a single cube. Enjoy the benefits of both THC and CBD, making these cubes your go-to choice for unwinding and relaxing. These ratio gummies are designed to balance the effects of thc so you don't feel too high.

Vegan No-Melt Formula 11-30-23

10 mg thc + 5 mg CBN gummies

A natural alternative for a gentle sleep aid. Crafted for deep, restful sleep and extreme relaxation. Unlock the potential of CBN for sleep in these cubes, your ticket to tranquil nights and peaceful slumber. Experience the soothing power of gummies designed for relaxation and sleep

Original Formula 05-19-23

50 mg Delta 8 THC gummies

Our 50mg Delta 8 gummies are perfect for a variety of preferences. These potent gummies cater to experts looking for a strong experience while also being great for sharing with friends. Additionally, they are an excellent choice for those who prefer to consume smaller nibbles over time, allowing you to control your Delta 8 intake with precision.

Vegan No-Melt Formula 08-16-23

10 mg THC Gummies

Original Formula 08-16-23

10 mg THC gummies

Original Formula 11-16-22

25 mg THC Mondos

Original Formula 01-18-23

50 mg thc gummies